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Fitness for Mummies offer 1-1 Personal Training and small group training, in your home, garden or local park (Mums can train with or without baby by your side, so no need for childcare!).

Whether you are new to exercise and need some motivation, looking to lose your baby weight or if you are more active and looking to step up your fitness routine - Personal Training can work for you.

Meet the trainers

Vicky Brown

Vicky Brown
"Hi, my name is Vicky Brown and I am a mum of two very energetic children. I have always danced since I was a little girl and at the age of 16 I attended a Dance and Fitness College in Bristol for 2 years, where I gained my initial Dance and Fitness Qualifications.

Over the last 16 years I have worked for many prestige Health Clubs in and around London as a Personal Trainer and Studio Co-ordinator / Instructor.  I have worked with a range of clients including Pre and Post Natal, Sports Specific and Weight loss, on a 1-1 basis and in group sessions. My claim to fame is that I was a Bronze Medallist at the Welsh National Aerobic Championships in 1998 (yes, I wore a thong leotard in those days!)

In 2007 I set up Fitness For Mummies. I have specialised in Pre & Post Natal Exercise and Women’s Health for over 16 years and after having my own children in 2005 and 2006, I realised just how difficult it is to find the time to exercise with a new baby. I wanted to create a social environment where new mums can feel comfortable to bring their babies, exercise and talk about mummy life. Fitness For Mummies has since grown into many other avenues catering for all stages of motherhood. Fitness is my Business and I love it."


Shani hails from NZ and grew up in a family dedicated to the fitness industry so it was no surprise when she also followed in the same footsteps and became a qualified PT – over a decade ago!

The past 10 years have taken her into array of gyms – from women’s only to corporate, climbing volcanoes in Indonesia, traversing mountains in Peru, surfing in Costa Rica, snowboarding in Canada, getting all yogi in India and running boot camps in Melbourne and here in London.

Shani’s PT sessions will be challenging, fun and sweaty, comprising of old fashioned staple exercises incorporating yoga and Pilates movements.


Elkie Mace

After having my son I decided it was time to say goodbye to my office job, to follow my passion and pursue a career in the fitness industry. Meeting Vicky on the train, on the way to go and resign from my job, felt like the universe telling me I was making the right move!

I love exercising in London’s fantastic green space and have 15 years of competitive running experience in events from 5km to marathon distance.

My approach to training is to set goals collaboratively with you and achieve these through fun sessions in the great outdoors. I understand the challenges that women face returning to exercise after having children.  I am a firm believer in the power of running and exercise
outside to contribute to overall well-being.

I am a qualified gym instructor, pre/postnatal exercise specialist and a running leader. I look forward to qualifying as a personal trainer and running coach in September.

Corinda Slyfield

I have long been a vocal advocate of exercise for mental and physical well-being and when my desire to spend more time with my son coincided with redundancy from my 9-5 job I retrained as a personal trainer and haven’t looked back.

You’ll hear me talk about functional fitness a lot! Being fit enough to function well in daily life is especially important when you have young children to run around after.

Functional fitness training emulates what we do with our children every day; squatting, lunging, bursts of sprinting, carrying and swinging a weight around (‘again Mummy, again’). Functional fitness training puts you in good stead for those fun-filled days with your little ones and reduces the risk of back pain and muscular strains.

I combine HIIT training and whole body integration exercises to build lean muscle mass and burn lots of calories making you leaner, fitter and stronger. I use dumbbells, kettlebells, ViPR, stability balls, slam balls, steppers, dyna bands, suspended movement equipment and body weight exercises to strengthen and tone.

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and also have qualifications in Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Exercise Referral, Nutrition, Kettlebell training, Padwork and Suspended Movement Training.

I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else now.

Fitness for Mummies Personal Training fees for S.E. London

1-1 SESSIONS: Personal Training

FREE Initial Consultation and Assessment
5 X 1 hour £200 (£40 per session) - visit our Shop to purchase

2-1 SESSIONS: Why not split the cost and train with a friend

FREE Initial Consultation and Assessment
5 X 1 hour £260 (£130 each) - visit our Shop to purchase

If you are interested in Personal Training outside SE London or are looking to setting up a Group Fitness Session or NCT group Fitness Class in your area please contact us for more details. POA

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