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WeightShift ClubWeightShift Club

The WeightShift Club is an Exclusive 6 week weight loss programme combining cutting edge Exercise and Nutrition.

Are you in the habit of skipping meals, leaving long gaps between meals, eating sweet and calorific snacks, buying pre-prepared meals & takeaways, grabbing foods from the fridge/cupboard without thinking? Eating on the run?

Do you feel sluggish, bloated, over-weight, tired or irritable? No time to exercise? Yo-yo dieting? Want good long lasting results?

Benefit from the expertise of a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer who between them they have over 20 years experience in optimising health and fitness. The sessions will be limited to just 10 people for a personalised and attentive approach and are open to men and women of all ages.
In each week’s hourly session you will receive tailored dietary advice, follow an exercise routine and get exercise and food plans to take home to optimise your weight-loss potential.

We provide:

  • Proven ways to shift weight by an experienced nutritionist
  • Small group personal training during the meeting
  • Quick and easy exercise plans to help you tone and burn fat
  • Ways to beat those cravings
  • No calorie counting or going hungry
  • Learn how to lose stubborn belly fat & reduce associated health risks
  • Discover ways to increase energy & well-being
  • Help with conquering emotional / comfort eating
  • Ways to maintain weight loss long-term
  • Shopping lists, hand outs, exercise programmes & menus all included!
  • Weekly food diary analysis
  • A fun enviroment, support, motivation & encouragement

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